Bio & Artist Statement

Pop-Surrealist Painter from Toronto, Canada

Born in Hong Kong as Nguyet Nga Dinh, my family is from Northern Vietnam. I came to Canada when I was very young and was raised in Toronto. I Graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a double major in Kinesiology and Fine Arts. I am currently completing my post graduate studies at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute.

My medium of choice is Acrylic Paint.  I currently paint out of Mississauga and have exhibited my works in various galleries and shows throughout Toronto, Mississauga, Waterloo and Boston.

My work is influenced by Franz Marc’s bright colour palette, Roy Lichtenstein’s strong, bold lines, Mark Rothko’s colour harmonies and Rene Magriette’s Surrealist narrative.

Life is a constant play of duality. Good vs Evil, Light vs Dark, Happiness vs Sadness, Life vs Death. Through Juxtapositions, my art focuses on the female identity and the constant battle between Strength vs Fragility. Like a flower, when nurtured and care for she grows strong and beautiful; neglected and ignored she falls short of her expectations and fades away. My current themes deal with the notions of death, renewal, beauty, self reflection and the hope for a better tomorrow.

I also paint commissioned portraits by request. Please email me @ & check out the commissions gallery for references.

Thanks to everyone that’s always been there to support me. All the lovely messages of support but my favourite are when they actually come and surprise me at my various shows! I’m so appreciative and thankful to have a fabulous support system.

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