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Ode to Lawren Harris on 1000 Acts of Art


This project was spearheaded by Lakeshore Arts to celebrate our artists, our arts organizations and people, like yourself who understand the importance art plays in our everyday lives.

By interacting with this site you’ll be able to discover a multitude of arts activities that you can do, set goals and log your acts, upload and share your activities with others and connect and interact with Etobicoke’s arts community.

This initiative will also build and strengthen Etobicoke’s community spirit while highlighting Etobicoke as a place rich in art and culture.

With recent funding cuts in grant programs and with a diminishing commitment to arts at the elementary and secondary education level, it is important to promote the arts as a valuable and essential foundation in building healthy and vital neighbourhoods and to get people involved.
Our goal is to stimulate economic revitalization, foster civic pride and capture imaginations in our community, the Lakeshore.


You can view my piece – Here!!!